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GLOSS is a Global Settlement System that is used for end-to-end processing of trades supporting middle-office and back-office functions back-office functions. It has the ability to Asset Classes like Equities, Debt/Fixed Income, Warrants, Exchange Traded Derivatives, and OTC Derivatives.

The System will majorly generate the confirmation and settlement instructions and send them to the settlement systems. It also supports Multi-Asset, Multi-Currency, Multi-market, and Parallel processing.

  • Trade capture and enrichment.
  • Confirmation & settlement Instructions.
  • Corporate Actions.
  • Netting & Allocations processing.
  • Regulatory Reporting.

Offshore Development services

The Tectoro Offshore Development Services model enables you to scale up your team in accordance with your demands and specifications, increasing your agility and positioning you for rapid expansion.

The notion of an offshore development center (ODC) is new in the context of global business principles. With the use of offshore development services, business owners may employ teams from around the globe to do tasks without having to station them in their own nation, cutting expenses.

  • Reduces the cost.
  • Increased Efficiency and Reliability.
  • Saves time with faster solutions & multitasking.
  • Skilled and Diverse Talent Pool.
  • Access to Established Infrastructure.

Product Development

Have a fantastic concept but require a knowledgeable technical team to realize it? Numerous firms have received assistance from Tectoro on their path from conceptual design to live implementation. We have a lot of expertise in offering our consumers digital items across a variety of platforms. Our clients continue to work with us and attest to the quality of our products and services.

  • Seamless collaboration between cross-functional teams.
  • Prompt Feedback.
  • High Performance.
  • Risk Mitigation.
  • Reduced Cost & Maximizes ROI.

IT Staff Augmentation

Tectoro provides top-notch IT Staff Augmentation Services that provide vital skill sets for your businesses or IT goals, helping to close the skills gap between demand and supply while adding skilled developers to your team.

We provide workforce solutions that advance and support your technological goals while keeping up with your company's demands.

  • Collaborative End-to-end Solutions.
  • Excellent Execution and Delivery.
  • Cost-effective Partnership Model.
  • Positive business impact with Upgraded Processes.

Technology Services


Software Application Development and Support

We help you to accelerate your digital transformation by building innovative custom solutions that match your unique business needs. .

Our team of app development consultants has helped customers across industries and geographies to extend their business and differentiate their brand with human-centric digital experiences.

  • Business Analysis and Documentation.
  • Front and Back-end Web Development.
  • Single-Page Applications & RESTful API Development.
  • Wireframing/Prototyping.
  • Testing, Support & Maintenance.

Cloud Native & DevOps

Our DevOps consulting services are the cornerstone of modern software development. We use industry-leading tools and processes to help you make your cloud infrastructure more efficient and ensure that your product launches on time with enhanced features.

In addition, our DevOps consulting services and best practices provide that your product is brought to market faster, with less cost.

  • Languages, Frameworks and Containers.
  • APIs & Microservices.
  • Agile DevOps Processes.
  • Automation of processes.
  • Cloud Infra - Planning, Building, and Management.
  • Cloud Hosting,Migration and Integration.

Digital Transformation & IoT

Tectoro with its unique, insight led, enables organizations to realize Digital Capital from business outcomes. In this approach, we consider the strategy and objectives as well as value chains and enablers of transformation.

A holistic process, Thinking encompasses user profiling, journey mapping, digital audits, design engineering, rapid prototyping, and market testing assessing a 360 impact on business.

  • Leverage cutting-edge data analytics solutions.
  • Derive near real-time actionable insights.
  • Discover innovative solutions to business problems.
  • Drive informed decision making.


We offer a holistic blockchain offering that helps you ideate, plan, develop, and manage your unique business case. We help you make the most of your blockchain opportunity by creating a Proof of Concept (POC) that provides value and enables you to move from concept to production in record time with ease and efficiency.

Our team of experts has deep business acumen and global multi-disciplinary experience that enables us to create customized solutions for various industries.

  • Tectoro's Blockchain technology for Assessment Framework.
  • Informed Consent Forms for various domains using Blockchain Technology.
  • Blockchain technology for Real Estate Domain.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Tectoro using the AI & ML technology, an annotation and workflow tool that facilitates collecting, grading, transcribing and annotating data across various media types.

Build large-scale training data sets to train your ML models and create custom workflows for your data projects.

  • Drone Management System for Land Survey.
  • Drone Management System for Mining.
  • Audio and Video processing system.

Big Data & Data Sciences

At Tectoro, we empower you with comprehensive data and analytics services, from data modernization to building intelligent systems using advanced analytics. We assist you at every step of your digital journey by improving your data's quality, accessibility, and usability.

Moreover, our Centre's of excellence delivers advanced analytics solutions that cover the entire spectrum of necessary capabilities for an enterprise. Our solutions reveal meaningful insights using enterprise data and offer a distinct competitive advantage to your business.

  • Data exploration.
  • Data Modeling.
  • Testing the model.
  • Deploying models.