Tectoro EMM platform supports the following solution sets


Fully Managed Devices

The fully managed device solution set is intended for company-owned devices. Fully managed features give IT admins management of an extended range of device settings and extra policy controls not available in the work profile solution set.


Work Profile

The work profile solution set is intended for employee-owned devices and company-owned devices for work and personal use. With a work profile, the same device can be used securely and privately for work and personal purposes.


Dedicated Device

The dedicated device solution set is designed for company-owned devices. This solution set allows IT admins to further lock down the usage of a device to a single app or small set of apps.

Product Features

Manage Devices

Centralized Control of Devices, Policies, Monitoring and Reporting.

Custom Apps

Private Play Store.
Custom Apps like, Announcement, Content Management, Call Logs, Secure Browser.


Remote Troubleshooting.
Dedicated Support Staff.


Configurable Dashboards, Reports with Alerts and Notification.

Manage your Android Devices with the following EMM features



  • Enrollment
  • Policy Management
  • Device Controls
  • Fully Managed
  • Work Profile
  • Dedicated Device
  • Bulk Actions On Enrolled Devices

Application Management

  • Playstore
  • Public Applications
  • Private Applications
  • Kiosk Applications


  • Secured Browser
  • Annoucements
  • Secured Chat
  • Content Management


  • Location Tracking
  • App Usage Tracking
  • Geo Fencing
  • Wallpaper
  • Boot Logo
  • Call Log
  • Message Log
  • Device Groups

UI/UX Design

  • Customizable UI Design


  • Define your rules over violation based on your business need
  • Memory Card Violation
  • Wifi Violation
  • Geo Fencing Violation
  • Unauthorised Application Detection


  • Dedicated CSM
  • 24/7 Support
  • In-person Support
  • Qualified Admins
  • User Guides
  • Monthly Reviews

User Friendly Interface

Configurable and Flexible user interface. Easily manage small to large volumes of devices

Case Study

Department of School Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh aims to transform its state education system. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is giving utmost importance to school education with government flagship program Manabadi Nadu-Nedu. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy launched free computer tab loaded with pre-loaded e-learning content to over five lakh Class VIII students. The tabs were loaded with e-learning content and given to Class 8 students besides teachers, which can be used even in offline mode. The State government's intention is to facilitate digital mode education to enable students to learn easily in classrooms and at home as well.

Business Challenge

Monitoring children's phone activities and messages is a tedious task. The fact is most of the time children spend using Tablets will be online, where anyone can publish anything. Mobile Devices like Tablets can expose children to a wide range of negative content, including violent or sexual content, cyberbullying, and inappropriate language. Social media and messaging apps on Tablets can be used as tools for cyberbullying. Children can be targeted with hurtful messages, comments, or even fake accounts that can cause emotional distress and impact their mental health. Many popular games and apps on tablets can contain violent or sexual content that may not be appropriate for children. Children can also be exposed to advertising that promotes these types of content.


Android Certified Tectoro EMM solution is helping schools and parents by ensuring that children are using their mobile devices in a safe, secure, and productive manner. By providing a secure and controlled environment, Tectoro EMM solution can help enhance the educational experience and prepare students for the digital age.

Our Preference

To meet these challenges, School education searched for a kiosk lockdown Android Certified Tectoro EMM software solution which can lock tablet devices in single app mode and seamlessly manage them remotely from IT administrator. They found Android Certified Tectoro EMM as the best solution for their requirements as it provided the all the features which they needed

Tectoro MDM have provided the following features: