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  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Post Trade
    Processing Solutions
    Cutting edge technology that allows capital
    market firms to develop innovative products
  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Fee & Commission
    Management for Buy and Sell side
    Our team brings deep domain expertise
    to the development of successful solutions
  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Regulatory Reform
    We enable you to manage the
    complexities of regulatory change
  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Risk Management
    An evolving regulatory environment and
    unpredictable markets require the
    real time risk management solutions that we provide.
  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Wealth Management
    Cutting edge financial planning technology
    for today’s Advisor community
  • market firm technologies-Angularjs,Nodejs,Java,Android,IOS,Web-development consulting company hyderabad
    Front office Sales and
    Tectoro provides cost effective technology
    solutions customized for the client

Our technological solutions bring efficiencies that translate into profits for our clients. We combine technological knowledge with business expertise.

Enterprise Application Engineering

Increasing trading volumes,cost pressures and continuous changes to stay ahead of the competitors have been a challenge to firms across the globe. We help firms build innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies to achieve higher TPS, greater productivity, handle growth and reduce operational cost.





  • Sybase/SQL Server/Oracle
  • MongoDB, MarkLogic

Business Intelligence

Rapidly expanding data within organizations and the web has provided an opportunity for analysis beyond dashboards and enabled us to provide metrics and reports for better decision making through sophisticated quantitative and statistical analysis and predictive modelling. The BI experts at Tectoro have worked with a wide variety of analytical tools and have built solutions to assist sales, product design, operations and customer service teams to achieve impressive results.

  • Cognos
  • Tableau
  • Qlikview
  • Microsoft SSAS/SSRS
  • Machine Learning

Big Data

With a wide variety of structured and unstructured information available within organizations, and information publicly available, there has been a high demand for tools to capture, parse, transform, store and visualize relevant information. At Tectoro, we have experts who can help firms design and build solutions to solve the “Big Data” problem using various frameworks and tools.

System Integration

In the current era where firms use several applications across functions and on-board new applications either to support a new business model or through an acquisition, there is a need for efficient system integration. With our knowledge on various data formats, communication methods and messaging products, we help integrating multiple systems to form an end-end solution.


The growing usage of Smart Phones, Tablets and PDAs combined with advances in technology has created an opportunity for financial firms to communicate with clients and provide anytime/anywhere service through a new electronic channel. With our expertise in multiple mobile OS (Android, iOS and Windows), frameworks (Sencha Touch and Ionic), wrappers (Cordova/Phonegap) and products for Retail and Institutional Investors, Fund Managers and Sales teams, we help firms in getting a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the market in servicing the clients.


QA & Software Testing Services

Transforming businesses through a strong differentiated testing services with the alignment of emerging market trends. Expertise includes Automation, Performance Testing , Continuous Integration with DevOps.


Why Choose Us

The Tectoro Philosophy

Our approach is to devise solutions based on the customer’s specific needs. We understand that each client is different and that our solutions must address those differences. Moreover, the solution is only the first step. Implementation and follow-through are essential elements of success. We create a partnership environment allowing for feedback that is essential for customer satisfaction and success.

The Tectoro Promise

We strive to understand your business needs. At Tectoro we implement solutions that address your needs and we follow-up to ensure client satisfaction.

We Can Deliver On Projects

We understand that results matter. Our senior staff with their extensive knowledge and experience are involved in each project. In addition, our training and development programs ensure that employees are current on the latest developments impacting technology, regulatory requirements, and changing business needs.

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